Here at Enamel Art Supply, it is our goal to get your package out the door within a day or two of your order. We ship most enamels in a jar as that is the how most people prefer to have them arrive. We do our best to process your order accurately and double check each item as we box them up but we are human and sometimes make a mistake. Please forgive our errors and notify us if there is a mistake so that we can correct it as quickly as possible. Truthfully, it is surprising that we don’t make more mistakes than we do, sometimes there are N21 and L21 and G21 and S-21 and H-21! All very different enamels and yet, here we are trying to keep it all straight! We generally ship via USPS Priority Mail and the website will choose a shipping cost based on the weight of your order, however, we often can ship the package in a Flat Rate Box and if we can ship it for less than what you were charged, we will issue a refund. The website does not give us the option of offering insurance on your order but in most cases we ship insured to protect both of us, at our expense usually. There are a couple of products (Books of Gold Foil and large books of Ginbari Foil) that we have added a couple of dollars to the price to cover insurance.

International Shipments- The website is hard to fool and it defaults based on weight which makes the international orders seem very expensive to ship.  Very often, the website will decide that the cost will be about $75.   The truth is, we can ship about 1.5 kilos grams fit into a Flat Rate Prioriiy package for about $38. ( We generally ship in jars and occasionally need to switch enamel into a ziplock bag to make a large order fit but do our best to keep them in jars)   What we have had to do is have you pay the shipping chosen by the website and then we will ship by priority mail but in the small flat rate.  We then will refund the difference to you when we ship which is generally a day or two after we receive your order.  We ship international orders regularly and this method has been trouble free.  Of course, as a new customer, we understand that it is a leap of faith for you.  Naturally we want to make you into a happy, regular customer so that is our guarantee! Customs Regulations vary from country to country. It is your responsibility to know what those regulations are as it is nothing that we have control over. Our customs declarations will read Ceramic Pigments. If you do not find your country in the shipping options, please email us and we will investigate adding your country to those options.