What Products Does Enamel Art Supply Distribute? Our focus is to be a distributor for the excellent enamels coming from Japan. These include Ninomiya, Nihon Shippo and Hirosawa. We are also distributors for hard to find tools and supplies. We won’t be carrying products that you can locate easily in other places. Often our product range is expanded when Merry-Lee, the technical advisor recognizes a need for specific items and requests that Mack includes them in inventory. This includes the wonderful firing racks that we have custom made for us, 100 and 60 mesh sifters from Thompson as they are not a stock item of theirs, P3 kits and extra heavy Mica sheets. https://www.enamelartsupply.com/tools In addition to Japanese enamel, EAS also carries French Soyer Black #36 and hard fusing silver flux Soyer #3 flux. These are favorites of Merry-Lee’s students and are often difficult to get in the US. Also, when Merry-Lee teaches Opalescent Workshops she recommends English Blythe T-8 and we have that. You will find the Blythe and Soyer enamels under Miscellaneous Enamel. We will not be adding other Blythe or Soyer colors. Under the Metals heading, you will find Foils, Blanks and Cloisonne Wire. The foils include the amazing Ginbari Foil from Japan. It is roughly three times as thick as the regular silver foil (4.5 microns), very easy to handle and embossable. Watch for the addition of an even thicker silver foil that we are having made for us in Japan (10 microns). In addition, we stock domestic gold foil (1.4 microns) and sell it with a very low markup, domestic silver foil (1.4 microns) and Italian silver Foil (very thin, not too sure of the measurement). We are currently investigating having thicker 24K foil (4.5 microns) made for us. We are trying to replace the Lotus Root Powder that Coral used to sell but have not replicated it yet although we have had about 10 people testing 4 different varieties. The blanks are so far limited to 3 different round sizes. They are made by Darci and are aimed at people that have limited time to enamel and would like to start with a silver blank of exceptional quality. We will expand the offerings of blanks if the reception is good. The fine silver cloisonne wire is currently being offered in 5 sizes.

Ninomiya Enamels? This Japanese enamel manufacturer is the one that most people are familiar with. Coral at Enamelwork Supply worked tirelessly to make these enamels available to people worldwide for the last 30 years. We owe her so much for her dedication to the excellence of the enamel we have had available in the enameling community. In 2018, Coral retired and Mack took over the daunting job of acquiring these enamels for distribution. They are excellent in quality with a vast color range. The biggest hurdle is that they are extremely slow in production and orders take 4-8 months to process! We received our first order of 111 transparent after 8 months of waiting and had already re-ordered colors that we knew would be fast sellers. Everyday, we are selling out of colors and the reorders have not yet begun to arrive. Also, the Opaque and NG colors have begun to trickle in and we have the entire color range on order but no word on a ship date. We have only added one of the P series as of this date as there did not seem to be much demand for those colors. If you are a fan of the P series, let us know which specific colors and we will add them if possible.

Ninomiya did make a couple of changes in their numbering system. There were a few that were H and a number for example H13. All H enamels are now N enamels and the numbers remained the same. For example H13 is now N13. Similarly, the LT colors are now labeled as L only and the color numbers have remained the same, for example LT60 is now L60. Otherwise all the enamels are exactly the same as always. Ninomiya has not printed a new color chart for something like 20 years! We have no plans to print a color chart as it would be very expensive to do so and the digital age is upon us!

Nihon Shippo Enamels! Coral carried a handful of these colors and and they were listed on her site with no differentiation from the Ninomiya colors, you may recognize them as the “G” colors. In April of 2019, Merry-Lee, tested about 150 Nihon Shippo colors that we have never had access to in the United States. Oh my! They are extraordinary enamels, gorgeous quality and such a sophisticated color range. We are adding more Nihon Shippo weekly, beginning with the colors that have really never been dreamed of before and filling gaps in color ranges. Truthfully, they are all a little different than anything you will find in Ninomiya with very few exact matches. Yes, you may need them all… Colors that have a G in the name were formulated for use on silver with a stunning array of pinks and reds that are NOT reactive to silver! If the color number has no G in front of it, it was formulated for copper. We are finding that all are beautiful on silver and copper and are using them as if there were no difference. (The silver flux is G110, Copper flux is 110- you will not want to use 110 directly on silver as it has a slightly yellow cast) Nihon Shippo has some nice opaques but we are focusing for now on the transparent line. We know that we have neglected a few color families, namely Blues and Greys. This is because those selections are quite well represented in the Hirosawa line. We will eventually have just about everything that Nihon Shippo makes as they are so spectacular.

Hirosawa Enamels! Hirosawa is one of the best kept secrets of the enameling world! In September of 2019, we had already been waiting for Ninomiya enamels to arrive for 5 months. Here we were, an enamel supply company with 9 colors to sell! Merry-Lee had heard about a manufacturer previously unknown in the US and went about researching this company. She ordered 100 grams each of 91 colors and they arrived 3 weeks later! Not only were they fast to ship, but the colors were amazing and the quality was so impressive! After testing, Merry-Lee advised Mack to order 88 of the 91 colors and we had them to offer by the end of October. We are so pleased to be able to offer these wonderful enamels. They continue to be a reliable shipper, we love everything about them! There are now 98 colors in the Hirosawa line up.

Can any transparent pinks and reds be used directly on silver? Nihon Shippo is definitely the queen in this category. These are all silver friendly- G701A, G701, G701C, G702A, G702, G702C, G703A, G703, G703C, G704, G709 . We currently stock all but G701A, G702A, G703 but they are on order. Hirosawa also has an impressive range of silver friendly pinks and reds including S-111, s-172A, S-172B, ST-005 and ST-011. We currently stock all of the Hirosawa. Ninomiya has only one silver friendly pink SL-5 and no non-reactive reds. If you look at the testplates on each color, you will be able to see whether the colors are reactive or not.

Do you have a telephone number? Nope. Mack and Merry-Lee are both hard of hearing and find phone communication to be frustrating and inaccurate. We are very good about responding to emails.

Can I place my order over the phone or through email? We would like to have you use our website and pay by Credit Card or PayPal through our secure server. We don’t want to make mistakes taking your order and we have no way to process credit cards directly. If you prefer to send a check, you may place an order via email and we will give you a total. Your order can be shipped after the check clears.

I put items in my cart and now I can’t find my cart? This sometimes happens when ordering on your phone. If you look closely on the top right hand corner you will see a little number. That is the number of items in your cart. Click on that and it will take you to your cart. We love SquareSpace but it does have a few little quirks!