Health and Safety


The enamels currently carried by Enamel Art Supply are made with lead oxide, an element that has historically provided the greatest clarity and sparkle to enamel. However, lead does pose a potential health hazard. Enamels may also contain antimony, arsenic, barium and cadmium. These are all harmful if ingested or inhaled. Do not use these enamels for products made for children or for items intended to hold food or drink. Follow these guidelines to keep these harmful dusts out of your body:

Wear a dust mask or respirator intended to keep these particular dusts out of your nose when you are using enamel in dry form e.g. sifting or sieving.

Use some type of local exhaust ventilation in the area where you will be sifting/sieving.

Don't eat, drink or smoke in the enameling area.

Don't lick your brushes to give them a point.

Wash down your work area frequently (rather than sweeping or vacuuming).

Wash your hands often.

Wear an apron or work clothes that you can remove before leaving the enameling area.

WARNING- This product contains chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Proposition 65, California Health and Safety Code, Section 25249.6


Firing in a kiln is another potential danger.  Protective measures for keeping your hands, arms and eyes safe are as follows:

Use a firing fork or spatula when putting pieces in, or taking them out, of the kiln.

Wear gloves that are heat resistant.

Wear natural fiber clothing that will not melt when near the high temperatures of the kiln.

Before picking up a trivet or firing rack let your hand "hover" over it to see if heat is rising from it.

Protect your eyes from the IR radiation of the kiln by wearing a pair of Colabar lens glasses or Poly IR glasses. Over time IR radiation can cause cataracts. But even in the short term protective glasses will help your eyes feel better.